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Date Posted Message
12/22/15 PCP & RETAIL Clinic Virtual Visit Fliers Available For Your Patients
12/18/15 Reminder: Network Providers Are Required By Contract To Notify Highmark Of Any Status Changes
12/10/15 Medicare Advantage: Ambulance Transport Services to Site of Medical Care Issue Identifed
12/10/15 NOC Codes Requiring Medical Review May Reject For Additional Information
12/08/15 Update Your Lactation Counseling Services Information Via Navinet®
12/07/15 Reminder: Care Registration Resets For The Physical Medicine Management Program Every Calendar Year
12/02/15 Highmark NaviNet System Downtime Scheduled for December 4-5
11/25/15 Medical Management and Policy Holiday Operating Hours
11/23/15 Be More Efficient: Take Advantage of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
11/19/15 Highmark Delaware's Remaining 2015 And January 2016 Holidays
11/13/15 Reminder: National Drug Code (NDC) Requirement Begins Nov. 16, 2015
11/11/15 Annual Scorecards Available For Physical Medicine Provider Pathways Participants
11/10/15 Preventive Services Denial Now Corrected
11/05/15 Preventive Services Denial Identified And Currently Under Review
10/28/15 Obstetrical Ultrasound Criteria Revised; Correction To Obstetrical Ultrasound Article Published In September 2015 Medical Policy Update
10/28/15 Highmark Health Options Announces Enhanced Clinical Editing Processes
10/27/15 3-D Mammograms Eligible
10/26/15 In 2016, Your 1099 Tax Form from Highmark Delaware Will Be Available Electronically Via Our NaviNet® System
10/21/15 List Of Procedure Codes Requiring NDC Information Available Now
10/21/15 Attention Private Duty Nursing Providers: Authorizations And Predeterminations For Private Duty Nursing Care
10/13/15 Provider Service Telephone Lines: New Self-Service Prompts Being Rolled Out
10/09/15 PMMP Providers: Avoid Authorization Rejections
10/07/15 Highmark Navinet System Downtime Scheduled For Oct. 9-10
10/01/15 ICD-10: Auth Submissions Corrected: All Auth Submission Options Operational
10/01/15 ICD-10: Highmark Delaware Unable To Accept ICD-9 Auth Submissions - Date Of Service 9-30-2015 And Prior
09/30/15 ICD-10: Navinet Authorization Submissions Decimal Not Required: ICD-10-CM Codes
09/25/15 PMMP Providers: ICD-10 Update Regarding New Forms
09/25/15 Clinical Coding Testing Results To Date
09/21/15 ICD-10: Highmark Delaware Testing Endeavors: Testing Efforts Shared With Network Providers!
09/15/15 Navinet Allowance Inquiry Refresher
08/10/15 All Drug Claims Billed Under Medical Benefit Must Include NDC, Effective With Claims Submitted On Or After 11/16/15
08/10/15 Are You Prepared for ICD-10? Take the ICD-10 Readiness Survey Today!
07/24/15 Revisions to Commercial Medical Policies L-34 and S-230 Being Postponed
07/24/15 Clinical Views - Best Practice Source For Physicians And Clinical Staff - Issue 2, Now Available
07/20/15 CMS ICD-10 Quick Start Guide Added To Tool Kit
07/20/15 Highmark Delaware Works To Curtail Health Care Fraud
07/16/15 Reminder: Change In Planned Test/Procedure Requires New Auth
07/10/15 Preventive Services: For Members Whose Recorded Gender Does Not Match The Gender For Certain Preventive Service
07/10/15 Clarification: Health Care Reform And Contraceptive Coverage
07/10/15 New Options Available: Provider Service Telephone Lines
07/08/15 Navinet Downtime July 10, 2015
06/30/15 Dosing Limits For Stelara Enforced
06/25/15 Vedolizumab (Entyvio®) Medical Policy Delayed Until Further Notice
06/19/15 Highmark Health Options: Submit Authorizations Electronically Via Navinet
06/19/15 Attention Navinet-Enabled Providers: Continue Stacking Services
06/18/15 Highmark Health Options: Submit Authorizations Electronically Via Navinet
06/17/15 Ensure Accurate Patient Information Is Reported
06/03/15 Highmark Health Options: Long Term Services And Supports To Require Authorization, Effective June 15, 2015
06/02/15 Highmark Inc., BCNEPA Merger Gets Approval From Pennsylvania Insurance Department
05/29/15 Use Electronic Provider Access Portal For Bluecard Authorization Request
05/28/15 Correction to Effective Date for Medical Policy Bulletin Z-13, Emergency Medical Care Changes: Hmk Z-13 Will Be Effective July 27, 2015
05/14/15 Notice Regarding Healthways Systems Issue
05/11/15 Attention Physicians Who Perform MOHS Surgery: Correction Underway To Address Mohs Claims Processing Issue
05/06/15 Register Now for the Quality Blue P4V Regional Care Delivery Model Forum on May 27
05/06/15 Predeterminations Recommended for Private Duty Nursing
05/04/15 Updated Physical Medicine Management Program Administrative Guide is Now Available Online
04/24/15 Highmark Delaware Navinet System To Be Offline Overnight April 25 to 26
04/22/15 Attention Air Ambulance Service Providers: Air Ambulance Claims Filing Rules, Requirement To Report Point Of Pickup
04/17/15 Reminder: Radiation Therapy Authorization Program Begins April 20, 2015
04/17/15 Effective 6/1/15, You Must Use Navinet To Add/Remove Practitioners On File With Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware
04/16/15 Navinet Authorization Transaction Enhancements Coming Soon
04/16/15 Highmark Delaware Navinet System Downtime Scheduled For April 17-18
04/15/15 New Tool Kit May Offer Assistance With ICD-10 Transition
03/25/15 Radiology Site Selection Pilot Program Delayed
03/20/15 To Launch 3/23/15, Pilot Program Will Educate Selected Members About Lower-Cost Imaging Providers
03/18/15 Highmark Navinet System Downtime Scheduled For March 20-21
03/18/15 Lemtrada Coding Tip
03/10/15 Provider Resource Center HIPAA Link Updated To: ICD-10/HIPAA
03/09/15 It’s Here! A New Issue Of Provider News Is Online Now, Read It Today!
02/19/15 Radiation Therapy Authorization Program: Begins On April 20, 2015
02/19/15 Important Changes Effective 4/20/15: Provider Assignment of Liability
02/08/15 Highmark's Statement On Anthem Security Breach
02/04/15 Highmark Retains 5.3 Million Members For 2015
02/02/15 Highmark Navinet System Downtime Scheduled For February 6-7
01/27/15 Clarification Regarding NaviNet Auth Submission Process For Xgeva, Prolia
01/26/15 Medical Policy Update Now Online – Read This Issue Today!
01/12/15 The Information You Need – All In One Place. Latest Issue Of Provider News Now Available!


Date Posted Message
12/18/15 Program For Self-Administered Injectable Or Oral Biotechnology Drugs Starts 1/1/16
12/17/15 Highmark ACA Retrospective Chart Retrieval Program to Launch
12/08/15 Attention PCPs: Important UDC Program News
11/24/15 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code (UDC) Program Payments To Be Released By Dec. 7, 2015
11/24/15 Reminder: Billing Guidelines For Medical Aid Units
11/18/15 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code (UDC) Program Progress Reports Issue Identified On Two Tabs
11/11/15 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code (UDC) Program Progress Reports Now Available
11/11/15 Supporting Health Care Transparency With Physician Quality Measures (PQM)
11/02/15 Reminder For Prescribers: Several Drugs Will Have New Prior Authorization Clinical Restriction, Effective Dec. 1, 2015
10/21/15 Tips For Submitting Authorization Requests For Eylea, Macugen, Lucentis
09/29/15 Highmark Delaware's Prevention Campaign
09/22/15 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code (UDC) Program Information Related to ICD-10 Compliance
09/22/15 Federal Employee Program Dental Providers: Claim Submission Reminders
09/15/15 Providers Requesting Authorization For Non-Highmark Members Via Fax
09/14/15 Understanding When To Use New Patient Versus Established Patient Evaluation And Management Codes
09/11/15 Attention Oral Surgeons: Good News! You Can Now Submit Electronic Oral Surgery Claims Directly To Highmark Delaware
08/21/15 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code Program Update
08/18/15 Initiating Authorization Requests For Certain Drugs: Eylea, Macugen, Lucentis
08/10/15 Streamlined Access To Network Fee Schedules On The Provider Resource Center
08/07/15 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code Validation Program Launched Aug. 4, 2015
08/05/15 Routine Chlamydia Screening: Encourage Your Patients To Get Tested
08/03/15 Attn: Physicians Who Prescribe Inhaled Antibiotics Used for Cystic Fibrosis
07/24/15 Earn Free CMEs: Online Clinical Documentation Improvement Series Workshops Begin in August
07/15/15 FOCUS Reminder: For Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)
07/15/15 EPSDT Program Summary For Highmark Health Options
06/01/15 Highmark Delaware Announces Adjustments to Reimbursement Rates, Effective 7/1/15
05/27/15 Great News – Navinet Enhancements Make Drug Authorization Process Faster Than Ever!
05/19/15 Effective July 14, 2015, New Quantity Level Limits For Certain Prescription Drugs
05/12/15 Please Complete National Behavioral Health Accessibility Questionnaire
05/08/15 Attention Physicians Who Perform MOHS Surgery: Correction Underway To Address Mohs Claims Processing Issue
04/15/15 National Healthcare Decisions Day Puts Focus On Advance Care Planning
04/01/15 Highmark Delaware To Require Prior Authorization For Concurrent Use Of These Drug Types
04/01/15 Coverage of Numerous Topical Patches/Gels to be Discontinued for Commercial Members
03/20/15 Notice Regarding Drug-Specific Surveys For Prescriptions That Require Authorizations
02/27/15 Attention Prescribing Physicians: Important News About Cymbalta
02/24/15 We're Making The Drug Authorization Process Faster Than Ever With Navinet!
02/12/15 New Reminder Message On Submission Form Helps Avoid Unnecessary Auth Requests For At-Home Sleep Studies
02/11/15 New Office Orientation Webinar Wednesday, February 25, 2015
02/03/15 Claims Denials For Code 99213 Could Be Inaccurate – Impacted Claims Submitted On 12/19/14
01/13/15 An Opportunity To Become Part Of A Practice Transformation Network
01/12/15 Attention Cardiologists: Highmark Now Accepting Candidates For Pharmacy And Therapeutics Subcommittee


Date Posted Message
12/03/15 Starting 1/1/16, PO Modifier Required On All Claims For Services Furnished At Off-Campus Provider-Based Departments
09/25/15 ICD-10: ER and Observation Services, Spanning Compliance Date, Clarified
08/10/15 Streamlined Access To Network Fee Schedules On The Provider Resource Center
06/03/15 Eight Injectable Drugs To Require Authorization, Beginning In June/July 2015
04/06/15 Eight Injectable Drugs to Require Authorization, Beginning in June 2015
02/11/15 Important Notice: Urgent Inpatient Requests via Authorization Submission Transaction Reviewer Comments Not Available for Some Facilities
02/10/15 Highmark Facility Manual Completed For Delaware
01/30/15 Robotic Surgical System Not Eligible For Reimbursement, Claims To Be Audited
01/23/15 Mandatory Prior Authorization For Eight Chemotherapy Drugs Begins March 30, 2015
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