Fee Schedule Information

Below are links to the various fee schedules.  

ACA Product Fee Schedule
  • The file contains the following information in this order: Specialty (or blank if for all), Procedure, Modifier (or blank if for all), Second Modifier (or blank if for all), Allowance, Place of Service (OFFICE or blank if for all).*
Highmark Delaware PPO Fee Schedule
  • The file contains the following information in this order: Procedure Code, Modifier, Fee, and Site of Service Indicator.*


* Site of Service (SOS) Indicator should be interpreted in this way:

  • A single procedure code/modifier combination without an SOS indicator (blank) represents a fee without SOS variation.
  • A single procedure code/modifier combination with an SOS indicator of "OFFICE" represents the fee for office Place of Service only.
  • Procedure code/modifier combinations listed twice have a blank indicator to represent the fee for inpatient hospital and outpatient hospital Place of Service, and an "OFFICE" to represent the fee for office Place of Service.
Last updated on 9/1/2023 10:08:14 AM


The fee schedules above are considered to be proprietary information and are being provided as a convenience and benefit to you and on the condition that you not disclose this information to anyone [other than internal personnel and your billing agents to the extent necessary for them to provide services to you and provided they have agreed to keep the information confidential.]

Fees set forth above are not a guarantee of a specific payment or of any payment and no implication should be made, based upon the existence of a fee for a specific procedure code, that payment will be made for such procedure code. Network rules, member benefits, reimbursement policy, and medical policy will continue to be applied to all claims or encounters submitted.

As fee schedules are updated, the files contained on this page will also be changed. Please note that Highmark reserves the right to make changes to fee schedules at their sole discretion. 

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